Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some Unwritten Rules of TTM

There are some unwritten rules in any hobby, and TTM is no different.  I am going to talk about a few of these rules today.  Like most unwritten rules they are really just common sense, but there are always some people who don't think and it hurts everyone in the hobby.


SASE stands for 'self addressed stamped envelope.'  Include one with every request.  Never make the person you are requesting a signature from pay, and take the extra time to send your item back to you.  First of all, you will probably never get anything back, and it's just plain rude.  Remember you are asking this person a favor, don't inconvenience them.


Limit how many items you send to someone.  Personally, I never send more then 3.  I feel any more then like 4 is asking too much.  But I have seen people that have sent 10 or more, and they complain because the person only signed 7 of them!  Also, don't send multiple copies of the same item.  I do send 2 copies of the customs I send just so I have a second one in case one gets damaged or the signature isn't very good, but don't send like 5 copies of the same photo or card.  This makes the person you are sending to think you are just going to turn around and sell them on Ebay.  This is really for free requests.  If you are paying a fee for the signature, send as many as you want to pay for.

Image courtesy of Ebay seller sellurstuf2010 


This is along the same line as being greedy.  When making your request, don't ask for too many specific things.  By that, I mean don't ask the person to sign it in a blue fine point marker (unless you send the marker with your request), in a specific spot, with multiple inscriptions (inscriptions are things like 'Hall of Fame', or 'Rookie of the year'), and a personalization to your son... etc.  Make it simple and quick for the person, chances are they have a stack of other requests to get to besides just yours, and again, it's just rude.


Yes, this seems to go without saying, but you would be surprised.  Always remember that you are asking this person for a favor.  Do what your parents always told you, be polite, and say please and thank them for their time.  

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Like I said at the start, they are really all just common sense.  Just think about what you are doing before you mail it and you will be fine.

That is all for now boys and girls.

As always, may your mailbox be filled with autographs and not bills!

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  1. Jeff,

    Another great post. You are right it boils down to common sense and it surprises me that people in these cases seem to lack it. I laughed when I saw the Barney picture, but it speaks volumes about having manners in cases like this.