About Me

My name is Jeff, and I am currently an undergrad student at the Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration where I will be receiving my Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing in September 2012.  I am single and live with my two girls Lily and Mimi.  I enjoy music, sports, and everything Star Wars.  I am also the Chapter Representative for the southeast Michigan chapter of the Star Wars FanForce, R2-Detroit.


I actually started doing TTM (Through The Mail autograph collecting) as a kid.  I was a big baseball card fan and would get every issue of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly.  Every once and awhile, they would have an article about getting autographs through the mail and list a few players who were known to sign.  I sent a few then, but not a lot.  It wasn't until I was laid-off and was looking for something to do in 2009 when I read an article (don't remember where) about autographs, and that get me interested again.  I searched the web for more information and found Sportscollectors.net and that is where I got all of my information from at the beginning.  I went nuts and sent 326 requests in just the first three months.  I ended up sending 1,075 requests in 2009 alone.  

I started with the people that I was pretty much guaranteed to receive back from, the low-lying fruit, and mostly baseball.  I quickly expanded from baseball to include hickey, some football and a little basketball.  I also incorporated my other passion, Star Wars, and began to send requests to people involved with Star Wars.  Now that most of those are picked, I send to people who I may or may not get back from, its more about the thrill of the hunt, getting back from someone who I really wasn't expecting to get back from.  

Now I also make my own custom cards to send to people.  I have even had people write back telling me how nice the cards are, and even asking for some copies for themselves (which I am always happy to send to them).  TTM is an addictive hobby, but also tons of fun.  I hope this blog entertaining and informative for newbies, experienced TTM collectors and everyone in between.

May your mailbox be filled with autographs and not bills!